mortgage field services

Mortgage Field Services is a unique service that A & A General Construction and Remodeling provide our customers. /mortgage-field

Mortgage Field Services allows us to provide you with emergency board up services, REO repairs and products, along with winterizing your property during the cold months. In the event of a water or fire disaster, we can board up your home or business in order to prevent vandalism. If a home is in foreclosure we can also board it up to prevent it from vandalism as well. There are too many squatters entering properties and destroying them, therefore it is important to allow us to provide you with this service.

People are vacating their homes and businesses as they cannot afford the mortgage.  It is the responsibility of the lender to hire someone to provide these mortgage field services.  As a contractor, we will meet with someone from the lending company to do a walk through of the property before the work can be started.  While doing the walk through, it is important to take pictures of the damage prior to boarding it up.  After the renovations are done, another walk through will be done to make sure that both parties are in agreement on the work that has been completed.

Our emergency mortgage field services are not only to provide you with board up services from squatters, but we are here to provide you services to include health and safety issues.  If there has been damage done from fire and water, it is necessary to make sure that mold is not present in the home or business. Unnoticed mold can cause health hazards to anyone within the building.