Space Planning / Programming

Space planning has a lot to consider. All of the rooms have a primary function such as eating, sleeping, reading, dressing, entertaining guests, bathe, etc. Is this room for adults? Children? Family? Is storage needed? Is the lighting good for the purpose of the room?

The space planning for the room is just as important as the design. We will sit down with you and go over every need for each room.  There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to space planning.  Is the space comfortable, and is it functional?  Will the space you have accommodate your furniture? When having family gatherings, is the kitchen and dining room large enough and functional enough to accommodate everyone?

What are the current conditions of the space? Major considerations about space planning include the location of your electrical outlets, your supporting wall, windows, and doors. If you are making changes to your kitchen or your bathroom you need to consider where your plumbing and sewage lines currently are, and are you going to be moving them, or keep them where they are?

How much space do you need in your home or the individual room? Is this space needed for an individual who might be handicapped and need more space to get around the furnishings?

What rooms should be adjacent to each other? Do you have a day sleeper who might need a bedroom that is furthest from the living room as to minimize the noise from those who might be gathered in the living room. Do you want your kitchen to be more open with a casual feel to it, or do you want a more private area for dining? All of these things need to be thought of when it comes to space planning.


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