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A&A General Construction and Remodeling Inc. offers economical and practical residential design – building concepts to residential homeowners.

dreamstimemaximum_5480681A&A General Construction and Remodeling Inc. is about offers economical and practical residential design – building concepts to residential homeowners.

From initial design planning through complete residential construction, we work with our customers and we are responsible for all phases of your home improvement remodeling project. Your dreams will become a reality. No project too large or too small, call today for your FREE in home estimate.

With the total responsibility in our competent hands, your residential building or home remodeling job can be realized in a minimum amount of time and for the lowest price possible.
Whether it be a home remodeling job, an home addition, a new home or major home renovations, we offer a complete building service with the job getting done with quality and efficiency.
General Construction excellence through quality workmanship and management expertise are the principles behind the success of A & A General Construction and Remodeling Inc..

We are licensed, and fully insured for your protection.

Remember, if you want to create additional living space, beautify your home or enhance your place of business, call A & A General Construction and Remodeling Inc. for additional information and prompt, professional service.

Given the scope of our staff, A & A General Construction and Remodeling Inc. has the ability to bring a diversity of experience on any remodel or construction project, provide our clients with the best in knowledge and talent, and meet the demands and challenges of the industry today.


We try to offer our services with the same integrity we would expect and hope for from others we deal with, and try to preform our work with as least upheaval or disturbance to our customers as possible. We try to solve problems not cause them.

For Remodeling & Construction

Say goodbye to complicated remodeling jobs and difficult construction projects when you hire A&A General Construction and Remodeling Inc.

With the full knowledge of our skilled and experienced contractors behind you, there's no project that you won't be able to handle.

And here's the best part:

No matter how big or how small your project is, we're always just a short phone call away.


Get the home you've always dreamed of by working with A&A General Construction and Remodeling for your renovating and remodeling needs.

Few things more frustrating for homeowners than knowing exactly how you want your bathroom or your kitchen to look but not knowing who to hire in order to make it happen.

Here at A&A General Construction and Remodeling we offer:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Mold remediation
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Space planning
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Roofing
  • Carpentry
  • Demolition
  • Major remodels and renovations
  • Basement remodels
  • Concrete driveway, patio, walk, and floor installation

Why Selecting a Contractor Matters:

Hiring a contractor for your remodeling needs isn't as easy as picking random names out of a phonebook listing.

Some contractors will bleed you dry while others simply don't have either the knowledge or the experience needed to make your remodeling dreams a reality.

The A&A General Construction Advantage

How quickly would you book an experienced contractor who offered the perfect balance between quality and price?

Imagine not having any disputes over work materials or timelines. Imagine a full remodel going so smoothly that the project almost becomes a background detail as your worries and concerns disappear.

Our remodeling work will leave your home looking stylish, updated, and completely transformed.

When you hire someone to do your remodeling work, you don't want to leave any of the smaller details to chance. We'll get the job done right the first time, no questions asked.

Contact us today to discuss your home remodeling needs.

General Construction

Are you adding a new addition to your house?

Get your construction projects done quickly and efficiently with no stress, no fuss, and no mess.

As anyone who's done home repairs can tell you, planning a general construction project isn't easy in the best of times. Even before you've gone out and bought your tools and materials, there are so many factors involved that it's easy to overlook or forget something important. That's without mentioning the physical strain, the delays, and setbacks that often naturally occur.

Wouldn't you like to see that ambitious construction job completed within the deadlines you've previously set?

Construction work is often difficult, time-consuming, and just plain disruptive.

A&A General Construction and Remodeling brings several advantages to the table:

  • Professionalism
  • Full licensing and insurance
  • Design-to-Completion experience
  • Years of hands-on experience
  • Commitment to excellent craftsmanship
  • Prompt service
  • An approach that values practicality as well as quality

From design to logistics to construction, A&A General Construction and Remodeling is all about giving customers the work they're looking for in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner.

Whether you've got a relatively minor job in mind or your project is designing an entire kitchen, you want the best company available on the job.

If you want excellent results delivered at reasonable prices, then you need us.

Contact us today for your estimate.