Providing customers with services while being committed to excellence

Excellence is what you see through the vision of your work and dedication to your customers. We provide our customers with the best in products and workmanship, and are therefore committed to excellence in everything we set out to do. By providing you with the reality of your dreams, your referrals to your family and friends will only help enhance our business and commitment to others. When a company is committed to excellence they hold their standards high above the rest of the competition, thus making their business successful, and making you happy with the project they have provided you with.

committed to excellenceBeing committed to excellence is through business performance as well as personal performance. It is necessary for anyone providing you a service to be committed to excellence rather than being happy with substandard work. It is our promise that we will always remain honest and true to our customers concerning any work that we do for them. By being committed to excellence we not only gain a customer, but we also cherish the friendships that are built by our honesty. It is our integrity on the line, along with our reputation, and we will do everything to always raise to the top when providing the greatest customer service to all of our clients.

The foundation of our business is our customers. By being committed to excellence it provides us with positive feedback from the jobs that we have provided to our customers. The confidence we display in our work comforts the customer and helps us gain their trust. Being successful is a reflection of being committed to excellence. Success only comes with genuine effort, proficient execution of the project, and teamwork within our company. Our achievement has, and always will be due to being committed to excellence.


A&A General Construction and Remodeling, Inc. are here to find creative solutions for the work that you need within your home or your business.

creative solutionsWe offer economical and practical designs to homeowners and businesses. From the initial planning through the completed project, we provide our customers with company facts prior to, and during the project they desire. We offer the same integrity we would want and hope for from others. Whatever the project may be, our staff has the ability to bring experience to any project.

Our company has employees who are the best in their field, and provide you with their talent to meet the demands and challenges of the industry. By providing you with company facts, you will know that we are honest from the beginning, and all throughout the job. We provide you with a written estimate and timeline of what you can expect from us. We provide you with prompt and professional service, and bring diversity to and project we are working on.

Within our company facts we provide our residential and business owners free estimates and competitive rates. Our main goal is to achieve and establish a professional relationship with all those that we do business with. We take pride in being customer friendly as that is the only way to do business. By doing so, we hope to create long lasting relationships for years to come. We believe in providing nothing but perfection in everything we do. By doing so we hope to gain your trust for your current projects, and any work that you may desire in the future.


Providing residential services with kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels.

residential services, including kitchen ,bathroom remodel projectsIf you are looking to do a kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel, it is best to have a design, along with a budget in mind while consulting with your contractor. We provide you with realistic estimates, while not taking advantage of you, and not overcharging you in the end. Be sure to do your research on what you are looking for by looking at pictures in magazines, or even the pictures that we can provide you with. Is your dream kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel a reality? Are you flexible about what you want to achieve?

Your kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel can include new cabinets, new countertops, flooring, down to the final details of items such as faucets. What style of cabinetry, countertops, and flooring do you desire? Your budget is of the utmost importance when choosing them items. It’s necessary to keep in mind what the upkeep will be once you have had your kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel completed. How will you benefit from what you choose? Does your remodel require larger door openings for a handicapped individual? The questions you should ask us are endless. We are here to provide you with the residential services you desire.

When doing your kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel the countertops and floors can be done in vinyl, laminate, ceramic, porcelain, granite, or wood. They can be done in a tile format or a single sheet of vinyl, or a single slab for granite. If you choose to use tile, you will want to make sure you use a grout that will match or enhance your tiles. Your choices are endless as long as they stay within your budget constraints.


Producing commercial services that can include carpentry, interior demolition, concrete driveways, debris removal, as well as door board up services services. Being a general contractor, we provide all types of commercial services to our customers. These services include flooring, carpentry framing, drywall, electrical, finish carpentry, fire restoration services, inspections, and so much more. When we…
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